August 7, 2012: Movie Lunch Number Two

I worked from home today.  Still very hot in Dallas.  Can’t wait for this heat wave to break.  It doesn’t look like it will be anything like last year, but we don’t want it to be anything like last year either.  Most of the country is in a horrible drought.  We are pretty dry here but not nearly as dry as last year.

I had another lunch meeting with the studios today.  This one was a bit earlier so that is why I worked from home today.  Lunch went well.  I am learning a lot at these meetings.  I never knew so much about the movie industry.

Spent the afternoon and evening just with the family.  We went out to Denny’s for dinner and Yoghurtland for froyo again today.  Denny’s has these new fish tacos that we really like.

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