July 25, 2012: Mary Is Lost

Well we are still excited about the idea of getting a new car but we did not hear anything about it today.  So we are just sitting tight.  Lots of house cleaning to do to get ready for the weekend, one way or another.

This evening we went out for dinner at Denny’s again.  This time the one on Frankfort.  We both got the fish tacos again.  Denny’s is great with the girls because they like the food and it is an environment that works well for them.

After dinner tonight, Liesl accidentally left behind her “Mary” Little People from her Little People Nativity set which she plays with all year round.  It is rare that she leaves toys behind, which is amazing considering how many she brings with her and how often she does.  So I called and they found it and are holding it for me to get when I can get back there.  Oh Liesl!

After dinner we ran across the street and got some frozen yoghurt from the Yoghurt Zone.


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