August 19, 2012: Family Sunday

Still no word today about the “trip” to Saudi Arabia.  I talked to some of the team today and, obviously, everyone is quite anxious.  I hate this about consulting, the people who are sending you places and causing massive upheaval in your life seem to almost always forget that the weekend is the most stressful time for you because you are stuck for a long period of time without necessary information and then they also, universally, forget that the “business minute” one minute before 8:00 Monday morning is 4:59 on Friday afternoon.  I can’t tell you how many times I have been requested to do a project first thing on Monday and the people with the information leave on Friday thinking that it is “three days away” and don’t realize that they have to have coordinated with me by the time that they leave the office or there is no way to do so before it is too late.

So we are sitting and waiting.  More work at the house and hanging out with the family today.  Fingers crossed.

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