August 29, 2012: Dominica Day Two P90X

I got up at six thirty today. Just four hours of sleep.  What is wrong with me?  I don’t even seem to sleep as long as I should.

Luciana got us up in the middle of the night but only long enough to get her another bottle and get her back to bed.

I got ready for work and Liesl got up just minutes before I left today.  So I set her up with Word Girl on Netflix Kids and got her her chocolate milk and got her set up for the morning so that she would be happy for a while so that Dominica could keep sleeping.

As I was about to leave Liesl said, “Daddy, are you going to work outside?”

I was pretty confused trying to determine what she meant.  So I replied, “Well, I’m going to go outside and get in the car and drive to work.”

And Liesl said, “That’s what I said, go outside to go to work.  I didn’t mean that you were going to work in the backyard outside!”

It was a surprisingly mature rebuttal from a three year old!

I got to work quite early today and got a lot done this morning.  By lunch I was doing alright so decided to actually take the time to eat lunch today.  Dan and I went up to Redneck Heaven for lunch.

Dominica is on her second day of her P90X program.  So far so good.  She is getting into it.  Hopefully she can keep with it, it is very intense.

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