September 23, 2012: Night at the Roxbury

Dominica was tired this morning after dancing last night and so decided to sleep in and let me get up and go to the gym this morning instead.  It is Sunday so the gym doesn’t open until nine, which is a little later than I would like, but not too bad.  I got there around nine thirty and did a good workout for about forty-five minutes on the elliptical machine.  Not a huge workout but it was decent and consistency is what matters.  This is my third time in the gym in four days and the day that I missed was not my fault.  That’s pretty good.  I’m happy with my progress.

I got home and we hung out in the playroom for about an hour before we decided to go to Brookhaven for a late breakfast.  So we got the kids dressed and Dominica showered and we went back to the club and got brunch.  Normally on Sundays they do a breakfast bar on the all day buffet.  So it was omelets and waffles for us.

After brunch I walked Dominica over to the fitness center so that she could see what it was like and how to use it so that she would be comfortable coming here on her own.  She has been avoiding it because she didn’t know what to do and is always nervous going to new places.  This got her over that and hopefully she will be able to come in and start making use of the gym really soon.  We are hoping to figure out how to get involved in some group classes too.  I’m really interested in taking zumba and yoga classes.  Zumba is potentially doable but yoga is only offered at a really hard time for me to make it.

We went back home and Dominica and Luciana took naps while I stayed up hanging out with Liesl.

I ordered a Google Nexus 7 Android tablet today.  The girls use the iPad almost continuously and there isn’t enough battery life for them.  Dominica almost always has to give up her iPhone for Luciana.  We really need more devices and we would like to see the girls get some time with something other than iOS exclusively.  Liesl used to use Android now and then on Dominica’s old phone but we don’t have that anymore so this will be their only exposure to Android.  Luciana has never seen it.  It should arrive sometime this week.  It is smaller than the iPad that we have but with tons more power and for only $199.  Hard to really go wrong at that price.

I got a tiny bit of work done today but mostly spent time with the girls.  We had a good time just spending the day together.

This evening Dominica and I watched the 1998 film “Night at the Roxbury” which is, of course, awful but neither of us had ever seen it and it was free on Netflix so we figured, “why not?”  It was mildly entertaining.

Liesl is having me read the first Winnie the Pooh book to her again.  We are on chapter five tonight.  Every night she drinks her chocolate milk, sits in my lap in her room in her pajamas and we read one chapter in her book.  This is the best time that we get together all day.  She makes me hold the book so that she can look at it too even though there are rarely any pictures.


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