October 13, 2012: Quiet Weekend Begins

This morning I got up and drove around the corner to pick up breakfast for Dominica and I at Subway.  Subway is walking distance from us but we never think about going there.  It is in a weird spot so that we never remember it at all.

On my drive there I did some looking around for houses for rent for Rachael was has been looking for something in the area.  Last week while driving around I saw at least five homes that were very nearby that were available for rent but today when I drove around there was not a single one.  Apparently we have gone into the hot rental season and nothing is left at all.

We had a quiet day at home today.  We are exhausted from this week away and really just want to spent time with the girls.  We had to go out and do a little shopping as we’ve been away so there was an afternoon trip to Kroger.  Tonight we got dinner from Subway again.

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