October 15, 2012: Back to Dancing

Very busy day today. But it is a Monday, so nothing new there.  I did not get up and go to the gym this morning.  I should be doing that but have been tired.

Had to go to a 3CX demo today.  After that was done I just picked up lunch and ate at my desk.

After work I came home but was only there for about an hour.  Then back down to Las Colinas for my Monday night dance lessons.  It was a good night of dancing.  Three hours and I learned a lot.  I can really feel myself improving.  We had a good turnout tonight and I was prepared with tons of water and a tower since I tend to sweat a lot while dancing.

After dance I drove up and picked up some Subway for Dominica and I to eat tonight.  I got us some healthy subs and came home.  Sadly the girls were long asleep.

Dominica and I stayed up till nearly midnight watching episodes of the new series of 30 Rock.

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