October 19, 2012: Night Out in Lewisville

Today was a super busy day.  This morning I worked from home for a while and then had a phone interview that went, surprisingly well.  I only do about one real interview a year as I haven’t been on the job market in forever and really do not have very much interest in finding anything new but, everyone once in a while, something comes up that is at least worth discussing.

It was nearly lunchtime by the time that I was free so I went to Redneck and met Dan there for lunch then went into the office for the afternoon from there.

This evening had originally been “guy’s night” to go out for drinks with Watson and Andrew.  Andrew bailed on us, though, and Kayla ended up being available to watch the girls so Dominica came out with us.  Chris made it out too so we all went to Redneck and hung out for the evening.  Chris and Dominica wanted to go out dancing later but I knew that if we tried to do that that we would end up spending the night driving between places and never making it anywhere in particular.

It was a fun evening.  Nice that Kayla was free so that Dominica and I actually got to go out together for a change.

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