October 21, 2012: New Suits

More or less a quiet day around the Miller household.  Early in the afternoon we drove out to Willowbrook Mall and did some shopping at Target.  Then we hit Men’s Warehouse as I have no good clothes that fit me anymore.  I really needed some stuff so we picked up two new suits, one of which is basically identical to my old olive suit that I only got to wear once or twice but doesn’t fit anymore since I lost the weight, and a charcoal one plus two sport coats, two new shirts and two new ties.  It was the buy one, get one sale there so it worked out pretty well.

On the way back from ordering my new clothes we stopped off at the Roti Grill where we like to get Indian and got some take out to take back to the house.  I stayed in the car with the girls who had fallen asleep while Dominica got our food.

We went back to the house and ate our food while watching Dr. Who.  We have been working our way back through the entire show again.  Liesl is now old enough to be able to follow along and she really loves it.  She is starting to ask for it as what she wants to watch.  We are so proud of her 🙂

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