October 27, 2012: Dr. Who Weekend

This is our quiet weekend at home.  Knowing that we are all going to be traveling this week, Dominica and the girls to Houston and me to Chicago, we wanted to just spend time together as a family.  Plus we were out last night so didn’t get much time with the girls.  Watching Dr. Who and staying home is our main activity.

It is so awesome that Liesl loves watching Dr. Who.  It is great that we have broken through that entertainment barrier to where she likes to watch the same shows that we do.  She still likes her kids shows, of course, but she actually requests our shows.  I think that what she really likes is being able to watch them with us knowing that when we watch our shows that we stay and hang out with her whereas when we watch her shows we tend to stop in and leave pretty quickly to do something else.  So to get solid time snuggling on the couch she has to choose one of our shows instead.

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