December 31, 2012: Lonely New Year’s Eve

Today is my last day home alone without my family.  Dominica and the girls are planning on driving up from Houston tomorrow since Dominica needs to be in the office on the second.

I spent the day quietly at the office today.  It was completely dead.  There was both nothing to do as well as no one physically in the office.  There were just two of us.  A total ghost town.  It felt like we were in the office on a weekend.  Very strange.

At lunch we decided to just work from home as it was pretty silly to be in the office alone.  Just a waste of time to be sitting there.

I managed to do a bit more cleaning this afternoon around the house.  I worked on the garage and really got a ton of stuff done.  It is looking great now.  There is some floor cleaning, mostly sweeping, that needs to be done but I’ll wait until tomorrow on that so that I have daylight.  We can totally move around and find stuff in the garage now.  It is awesome.  This makes me very happy.

I had originally been invited out to a private party in Stephensville tonight but decided that I did not have the energy for five hours of driving for New Year’s Eve.  That is way more than I care about celebrating.  So tonight, around ten thirty, I went over to Redneck and hung out there.  I was hungry anyway so I got dinner, had a beer, watched the ball drop in New York and then watched it become midnight in Texas and went home.  That was my exciting night.  I treated myself to calorie-rich Shocktop.  I know, what a party animal.  It was pretty depressing being there alone on New Year’s Eve.

I ran home and grabbed my copy of Mass Effect for the XBOX 360 and ran back to Redneck with it because Nicki had wanted to borrow it and she was there and I keep forgetting to get it to her.  Since I had nothing else to do tonight, it seemed like a good use of the time.

Got home and went to bed.

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