April 12, 2013: New Subway

I came home at lunch today to help out Dominica with something.  As I was driving home to drop off some keys that I had picked up for her at her office I noticed that the new Subway around the corner from our house was having their grand opening today so I decided that it would be a good evening to stop in there as they were doing full meals for just $1.99.  Can’t beat that so we will definitely give them a try.

Work went really late today.  I didn’t manage to leave the office until around nine and at that point I was forcibly making people roll over to the next region of support.  Had they had their way I would have worked all through the night.

I ran home and made it to Subway just before they closed.  I got us six meals (each meal is just half a sub) and we spent almost nothing for a huge dinner for all four of us.  We watched Community for the very tiny bit of evening that we had left and were pretty much right off to bed.  Not much of a day.  These 14+ hour Fridays are no fun.

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