April 3, 2013: Susan in Dallas

I had to get up early this morning and get signed in so that I could make sure that no disasters were happening after the test from last night.  And thus began a very long day.

I had just an insanely busy morning jumping from one thing to another.  It was a busy day.

After work I ran home early to see the family for just a little bit and then drove down to Trinity Mills Station and caught the train downtown.  Susan is in town just for this evening and we were meeting downtown to catch up.  We haven’t seen her in years since we moved out of New Jersey.  So nearly four years now.  Dominica was trying to go but we couldn’t get a babysitter for tonight so it was just be going down.  Susan will be back in a few months and will stay longer so that she can actually visit when she is back.

The train ride was fine but the rain started to pick up a little on the ride and was coming down well once I got to Akard Station.  I walked down to the Adolphus Hotel and dried off a bit and met Susan there but we decided to just walk up the block to the Tower Club and do dinner there.  It is Susan’s first time in Dallas and there is no better introduction to the town that the view from the Tower.

We had a nice evening but I had to run for the train after dinner in the pouring rain.  It was a very wet night.

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