April 8, 2013: Kicking Off Another Week

It’s Monday at home with the girls and Dominica is at the office.  What a month April is proving to be.  Super busy and super stressful.  We found out that there are issues getting us paid this month and by the time that I finally get a paycheck, if all goes well, it will be over a month since my last one!  That is pretty stressful.  Not that money has been super tight, it hasn’t, but it hasn’t been abundant either.  With me taking my grad classes and paying for them out of pocket and with our renters in New York losing their jobs and not being able to pay even one third of our mortgage there (and then losing their jobs entirely and needing to leave but at the last minute being able to stay at the reduced rate) we are just in really rough shape.  If I get paid regularly and Dominica keeps working like she has been all is fine but going five weeks without a paycheck really hits hard.

I had a pretty busy day at home.  The girls are getting better and better, for the most part, with being home with me and understanding that they cannot be in my office bugging me all of the time.  It sucks because I am home and want to be able to spend time with them but they really don’t understand that to be able to spend time with them I need to be able to check things constantly and when I am needed, I am needed instantly.  So they get far, far less time with me than they would if they were able to let me hang out with them when I can and really work when I have to.  So I am stuck not playing with them much at all because they don’t let me get to work when necessary.  We really wish that we had a nanny – it would make life so much easier.  Of course, everyone with kids says that so that doesn’t mean much.  Like everyone wishes they had a mechanic who just waiting in the garage until the car needed maintenance.

We have a busy weekend coming up.  Another email migration so Dominica is not looking forward to that.  It’s another busy week here in the Miller household.

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