August 17, 2013: The Niece’s Summer Trip

Dominica was up at seven and on the road by eight to head towards Houston. So I am home watching Liesl and Luciana this morning.  They are very excited that their cousins are coming to see them and spent the entire morning asking how much longer until they would arrive.  The girls slept in a bit this morning as they were so exhausted after being up so late last night waiting for me to come home.

Dominica’s drive went well and they were back to Dallas before one.  Not bad at all.

Not long after they arrived we packed up and went to Brookhaven Country Club for an early dinner.  We’ve attempted to cancel our membership there but haven’t been able to make contact with the finance department so we were unsure if they had cancelled it already or not but we are fine.  I’m really hoping to keep it for maybe the next six weeks, so we are trying to figure that out.  Maybe on Monday I will get a chance to speak with them and figure some of that out.  Dinner was good.  We nearly all got salads with salmon.

Back to the house and I made a quick run up to Arctic Liquors on 121 for sambuca and ouzo.  Then it was mostly a quiet evening at home.  Liesl and Luciana were very excited to have their cousins so they all played together all evening.

Liesl ended up falling asleep in the guest room with Madeline so Emily went in and slept with Luciana.  Dominica and I did not stay up very late.  We watched about half of a newer Bollywood film and called it a night.

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