November 20, 2013: Couch Day

Today is the big day, our couch for the living room is set to be delivered. We’ve been going crazy for a week without anywhere to sit. Bob’s Discount Furniture called me just before I got to work this morning to tell me that they were running early and that they should be at our house around ten this morning.

I got to have lunch today at The Lime in downtown Norwalk. It is a little place on Main Street that caters to the organic, vegetarian “crunchy” crowd “like me” and the food was very good. Too bad that it is so far away because Dominica would really like it. We need that in Peekskill.

It was pretty late when I got home tonight. I decided to try out the new route from work to home, going more into the woods It worked much better tonight. I am starting to learn the area a little bit.

I got home and got to see the new couch. It was a great choice. It is huge, seats easily six or seven people on white leather – a bold choice for a family with two rambunctious little girls. But it is the size and look and functionality that we need. It fills the living room and makes a comfortable living space around the fireplace and the triple glass back door. The couch is perfect and Liesl discovered that it is full of secret storage spaces and being such a large couch that is really important. The huge ottoman that it came with (well, we paid a lot to get it too) also is full of storage space. We had no idea.

The backs of the couch are actually just right for Liesl and Luciana to sit on and use their iPads. There is a broad space on top that they just fit on. They love it. And there is a broad edge on the door side where Dominica can put a laptop while she is working on it. And the other side is a Chaise lounge. It looks great but now we have to do a lot more decorating to make it all make sense. We need matching lamps and end tables. This couch would have been perfect in style for the house in Texas. So completely Dutch Modern. But so much higher end than the cheap colorful couches that we have in Texas.

We have our basement couch coming still. That doesn’t come until the second week in December. But we can wait for that. There is little reason to need to have seating like that in the basement until we have a television down there.

This evening Liesl and Luciana took out their “soccer balls” and played “soccer” with me in the wide open basement for a long time.

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