December 27, 2013: Returning to Frankfort

It was a cold but clear morning today. I got up a little late and got all packed up for the weekend. After work this evening I will be heading to Frankfort again and will be there until Sunday evening. So need clothes and the CPAP.

On my drive in today I started reading “Many Waters” which I last read in late elementary school, it having been published in 1986 and me reading it shortly thereafter having already been a fan of the series. From my memory, the book was meant more for older readers than the other books in the series. And it does seem to be targeted to a more mature audience, more for high school than elementary school. I forgot, though, just how ridiculous the book was and had no memory whatsoever of there being a “computer in the lab” like something out of a bad 1980s pop movie that can send people back in time simply by typing joke phrases onto the screen or that there are unicorns and manicores and every animal that they meet is something extinct today. In the attempt to be shocking, it is just silly.

Another very slow day today. Everyone is just riding it out until the weekend, I am sure. Pizza lunch today and “make your own cannolo” which was kind of cool and very tasty.

Got out of work at a quarter till six and hit the road.  Traffic wasn’t bad and I had a decent drive, listening to “Many Waters” up to Frankfort.

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