January 23, 2014: Two Normal Work Days

I was supposed to be up very early this morning and I had set an alarm on my phone but the phone turned off and no alarm sounded. Luckily Liesl came into our room ten minutes after my alarm should have gone off and she got me up and then climbed into bed and snuggled with Dominica when I got up to get to work. Liesl has always been my little organic alarm clock. She is very good about getting people up in the morning half of the time. The other half she sleeps in for forever. She is always either the first or the last one awake, never in moderation. I guess that she gets that from me. I’m always either up at five in the morning or struggling to get out of bed by nine. Never anything in the middle.

Today was one of my two full days in the office this week. The storms and the holiday made the first part of the week abnormal and short. It was nice. Today and tomorrow are the long ones.

It was a good office day today. I felt very good about work and am overall much happier today.

A short evening with the family but we had a lot of time together all week. And the weekend is only two days away. It is tough getting so little time at home these days. I don’t get enough time with the family and since I get so little with them I spend every moment that I am at home with the girls which means that I have no time for my writing or school work which really needs my attention. Not to mention doing things around the house. The available time at home is just way too short these days. If only the commute was not so long.

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