January 9, 2014: Stressful Day

Had a bit of a rougher day at work today.  The new job is a lot more of an emotional one than normal jobs.   A lot more stress and expectation.  What is interesting is that at the moment, the key issues that I am concerned about are the lack of things that most people would find stressful rather than the stress normal people would feel.  So it is odd that I am feeling stressed and, in reality, I probably should not.  Maybe stressed is the wrong term, I am stressed, but maybe that is purely from the move, not being settled in yet, not having a good feel for the plan for the next few years, etc.

Came home from work and Dominica and I spent the whole evening on the white couch in the living room discussing the work situations and how I was feeling about it.  I was able to work through a lot of what I have been thinking and was able to synthesize it a lot better, I feel, after that.

I have a meeting scheduled for tomorrow at work to discuss some of my concerns as well.  I’m working through this stuff, but it takes time.  And a lot of this is expected so, that makes it easier that it is not a surprise.

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