February 4, 2014: Moving Recovery

I woke up at five this morning but decided that sleep was important or I would be overly exhausted and probably way too sore all day. So I slept until seven. The weather is very nice this morning, clear and bright. Nothing like yesterday and certainly nothing like what is predicted to be hitting tonight. We are expecting a pretty horrible storm tonight – as much as a foot of snow falling during the late night. So all of the preparations are being made so that I have the option of working from home if necessary.

The Ralstons left before I did to take the truck back and get ready for their day. I had to get off to work and did a little to get Dominica set up for the day before I headed out. She is going to have a rough day with her foot hurting so badly.

I left for work while the Ralstons were out and the girls were still fast asleep. The weather was nice this morning, no issues at all.

Getting home it was like walking into a forest of cardboard boxes.  Dominica had managed to get several large boxes processed and put away during the day today but it really did not make a dent at all.  So much unpacking needs to be done.

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