March 10, 2014: One Week In

It’s Monday so back to work. The weather was decently warm today. I was feeling a little tired, though. Not much to report from the office, except that I got a new desktop today. Quad core i7 and 16GB of RAM. Pretty impressive as office machines go. I have never had anything like this before.

Today was the one week mark at MangoLassi. Hard to believe it has only been one week, there has been so much great activity there. It has been an exciting week.

I left work just before six thirty. Once home we spent the evening down in the basement which we are so thankful to have gotten so much cleaner recently. It is decently comfortable down there these days. Luciana came down to the basement with us and mostly just played on her own quietly. Liesl decided to stay upstairs and watch her own shows by herself. I guess that she needed some quiet time. Liesl told me that she spent her day today watching Futurama. I thought that that was pretty funny.

Dominica and I have been watching Keeping Up Appearances again. Actually she has been watching it while I listen. I have been spending evenings at the desk in the basement getting work done.

Luciana has started going to bed earlier as she has not been getting enough sleep.  So she was in bed before nine. Liesl is a night owl and was up till almost midnight when she and Dominica went to bed. I ended up staying up till after three thirty! Going to be on the tired side tomorrow for sure.

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