April 2, 2014: Liesl’s First Splinter

Liesl had insomnia last night and came in to sleep with us. Even now that she is five and a half and Luciana is not quite three, Liesl is still the one that asks to sleep with us at least three quarters of the time. It was so warm tonight that we had the bedroom window open and had fresh air. Finally, we’ve been missing that. Dominica has been opening the back door a bit recently too. We are so tired of the winter. Time for it to be over.

I got up early this morning, it was just after five. But I couldn’t bring myself to get out of bed for a while. Liesl was very snuggly and the birds were out singing which was great with the window open. So I was lazy.

Got up still relatively early and took care of some bills and stuff before heading into the office. Traffic was horrible this morning and it took at least half an hour longer than it should have to get to work. That did not make me happy at all.

It was chilly when I headed out this morning but got into the fifties today and was a very nice day. I wish that I could have been outside for a bit. Maybe spring is actually here.

Good, productive day at work today and thank goodness the weather is great now. It is warm, pushing into the high fifties, and sunny. Very nice. At home, Dominica opened up the windows and made the back deck accessible and the girls spent a lot of time playing outside today getting some fresh air. Dominica missed not having a deck at our Texas house, I can tell, a place where the girls can just go outside and play and she does not need to monitor them because they are essentially inside of the house. Liesl had that when she was two and we lived in the apartment in Texas because we had that tiny balcony but Luciana never lived there. It’s a nice feature to have.

While they were outside, Liesl was running her hand along the railing and got herself her very first splinter. She didn’t know what to do and ended up breaking it off and getting it buried deep in her finger so she just had to wait for it to work itself out which is going to take a while.

Came home and we had a nice evening just hanging out as the family. Nothing exciting tonight, but a lot of family time.