April 28, 2014: Starting War and Peace

Another gorgeous morning in Westchester. We really have to enjoy these few days of great weather that we are afforded living here in New York. I slept in a little too much this morning, because Dominica and I were up too late last night working on recording the KAE podcast, and so was rushing to get off to the office this morning.

I finished reading Irene Hunt’s 1966 book and Newberry Award (1967) winner “Up a Road Slowly” this morning. A really great novel. I would guess that I last read it somewhere around 1987 or 1988.

Work was finally not so incredibly busy today. The first time in two weeks that I have had any breathing room at all. This is looking to be a much more relaxing week. This coming weekend Dominica and the girls are traveling up to Albany so that they can attend circus with Dominica’s parents.

On the drive home tonight I started reading “War and Peace” which I have never read.  Very dry, for sure.  This is a long one so I will be reading this for a while!

Short evening.  We watched some Frasier and hung out with the girls a little but they were off to bed pretty early, as were we.