March 22, 2014: Up to Frankfort

We all slept in this morning until we were well and rested then it was up and straight out the door.  The drive north was not too bad.  We made the trip well and were up to Frankfort at a good time.

Spent the afternoon just visiting with the family.  I had a lot of posting to do so was on a laptop for much of the day.  The girls were super excited that grandpa went into the attic and found Dominica’s old She-ra toys, of which she had nearly the entire collection, and brought them down for Liesl and Luciana to enjoy.  Dominica had to explain to them all about what the toys were and how they all went together.

This evening we went to the Kitlas for dinner and just back to the house.  Dominica and I took her mother’s new Subaru to dinner to test it out and her parents drove our Acadia with the girls.