March 25, 2014: The Hobbit 2

Went into the office this morning and had a fairly normal day for most of the day.  But in the early afternoon I had to head over to an offsite location and worked there for a while.  Luckily it ended up being an early day wrapping up for me and I got to go home early-ish and surprised the girls which was awesome.

We had a really nice evening, just the family hanging out.  Dominica and I headed to the basement pretty soon after I got home.  I surprised her by buying The Hobbit 2: The Desolation of Smaug on the AppleTV which gets those movies very soon after they are in the theatre and we watched that.  It was very good although it took us forever to get through since the girls would interrupt us constantly.  But it was fun.

It made for a nice evening.  We rarely have the time to do something like that.