July 8, 2014: Wii U Surprise

Tuesday. Working my way through the week. I have been getting worried about the amount of noise coming from the ceiling and walls in our master bedroom. For a week or so I have been hearing something or somethings moving around there. I am hoping that it is just squirrels. At first I thought that it was squirrels on the roof but now that I can hear it in the walls I know that whatever it is is actually inside the house. I don’t want to go into the attic alone in case it is something bigger and more worrisome than squirrels. Stumbling on raccoons in an enclosed space is never a good thing. If I am going to do that I want to do it when someone is around to call an ambulance after I fall down the attic ladder trying to get away from pissed raccoons. I have a feeling that whatever is up there is going to require some actual “dealing with” which I am not looking forward to.

On my way home tonight I picked up a Wii U as a surprise for the girls. I managed to get the Wind Waker collector edition from GameStop in Yorktown Heights on the way home. Dominica likes the Legend of Zelda games and I knew that she would like this one. Wind Waker HD, which comes with the system, is ranked as the best Zelda game ever so hopefully it will be at least mildly fun.

Tonight at home our new Ubiquiti router and Netgear switch have arrived. I did not take the time to hook up the switch tonight but I did spend the evening getting the router set up which took a bit of work as it needed an initial firmware update and some setup. But it looks like it is going to be a really nice unit. Under the hood it is a Brocade Vyatta device but with a handy web interface.