August 5, 2014: Aggressive Dragonfly

Pretty much just a normal day for me today. Got into work at a good time this morning. Looking forward to taking either a half day on Friday or maybe taking the whole day off. Will just be home with the girls. I am sure that they will make me play many hours of Wind Waker.

Got home this evening and at first the girls did not feel like going to the playground but after a few minutes they changed their minds and we went for a walk and actually spent a bit more time at the playground than we usually do. We had to change where we sit tonight as a really brave dragonfly decided to create a flight pattern that took it nearly into collisions with us over and over again. It seemed strangely aggressive. We had a nice time on the playground though and the girls have asked to be able to go swimming tomorrow. Hopefully they can.

Dominica was hungry tonight so made a vegan stir fry and we had that and watched a little 30 Rock. Luciana put herself to bed quite early. Liesl spent the entire evening on her school work – she absolutely loves her new reading “game” on Dominica’s Windows laptop and is making incredible reading progress. That was money very well spent already.

Dominica got Liesl ready for bed tonight as I had some work that had to be done before I could go to bed. So I was up till almost midnight getting things caught up.