July 30, 2014: A Little More Wind Waker

It’s hump day and very little to report.  This week feels, overall, to be pretty uneventful.  We are still catching our breath from everything that has been going on recently.  Getting a chance to just hang out as a family again.  We’ve seen so little of each other this past month.

After work we all went to the playground again.  We love doing this as it lets the kids burn off steam and we all get some fresh air and exercise which is always hard to come by.

I played a like Wind Waker tonight.  The girls really like it when I play it and they want me to play it a lot more than I want to play it.  I find the game pretty much boring and frustrating.  It relies on a lot of boring action and hack and slash stuff that I do not enjoy and tells little to no story which is the part that I care about.  And the graphics, while the best ever from Nintendo, remain incredibly lame.  Like 2002 era lame.  Maybe not even that good.  They are still struggling to make games look acceptable for the PlayStation 2!!

So I played for a short while and got through the first major dungeon and then hung up my sword for the evening.