September 3, 2014: Dominica Stays Up Late

I got up early again today and was off to the office on the early side.  When I got out of the shower I found that Liesl had sneaked into our room and gotten into bed with Dominica.  I have no idea why she was up so early.  She gave me lots of hugs and kisses before I left.  She still has a hard time with me going off to work even after all of these years but it is nothing like it was when we first moved to Texas.

Good day, rather slow, at the office.  Got home a little after seven and surprised the girls who were hanging out in our bed using their iPads while Dominica was doing closet cleaning.  She got a huge box of clothes moved out of stuff that does not currently fit us.

I hung out with the girls for a bit.  Then we all watched a few episodes of 30 Rock.  Then the girls wanted to just hang out upstairs.  So I brought them upstairs and spent an hour or two with them until it was time to get them ready for bed.  Then I spent some time getting caught up on SGL.  Was not too far behind, just had not posted what there was for the last few days and had to fill in a few things that were missing.

Dominica stayed up watching one of her shows until half past midnight.