October 11, 2014: Manhattan Alone Day

Today I am in Manhattan for the entire day.  It is a nice chance to get out and see the city some, get some exercise and do something interesting.  Helps to kill some time while waiting for news and decisions.  Handy that I am home all of the time now and have nothing to do.

I drove down to Croton-Harmon Station early in the morning and caught the commuter line into the city.  It is somewhat cold and very drizzly today, just how I like the city.  I went into Grand Central Terminal and then walked down to 22nd which is a great hike in the city.  Lots of exercise but not so long that it is exhausting.

I ended up spending the entire day in the city.  Mark took me out for a light dinner at a pub around the corner.  A friend of his joined us.  We had a nice time hanging out.

It was probably eight or nine when I got back to the train terminal and an hour later that I was home with the family.  It was a nice change of pace going into the city today.  Of course, it sucks, because tomorrow Dominica and I are bringing the kids into the city but there was no way to combine the two trips.  If we had been able to find someone to hang out with her today and help with the kids they would have come in but being on her own all day with two kids in Manhattan was going to be too much for her.