October 3, 2014: End of Last Normal Week

It’s Friday.  Tomorrow is Dominica and my wedding anniversary.  Eleven years now, if you can believe that.  And all of it documented on SGL!  Hard to believe that our whole lives are here at this point.  Pretty crazy.

Today is the end of my week back in the office.  We have not heard anything about my non-compete paperwork yet which is making us a little nervous.  We were not really supposed to have heard anything by today as it just went in on Monday and the process is supposed to take seven to ten business days which puts the earliest that information would be expected would be on Tuesday of next week.

I have transitioned, already, from doing “normal” work to just doing transitional work helping people to get ready for me to leave.

Nothing exciting today.  Normal day in the office, other than waiting to hear about the paperwork, and then home in the evening to spend time with the family.