December 1, 2014: Back to Peekskill

The travel schedule has already been pretty crazy and the state of things is accelerating.  We have been traveling for the last several days and today we are driving, early this morning, from Frankfort to Peekskill.  Tomorrow I am heading off to Seattle for most of the week!  This will be my first time in the Pacific Northwest which looks like it will be pretty fun.  I will be out there for three days and means that I will have been traveling pretty much for a week and a half straight!

We got home just in time for me to do a first screening for a job in Boston that I am interested in.  Then I had a few other calls later this evening.  Dominica spent the evening getting my stuff ready for me to head off to the airport in the morning.

We are very thankful that my flights were able to be scheduled from White Plains rather than from the city airports.  This makes things dramatically easier for Dominica and the girls to handle.