December 11, 2014: Packing and UHaul Day

Today is going to be a rough one.  We had to be up slightly early this morning, pack up the kids and run to Mohegan Lake to pick up a UHaul Cargo Van that we scheduled yesterday.  Pick up time was at nine.  We didn’t make it exactly for nine but by ten we were home with the van.  Today is nothing but getting the van, packing it and traveling.  Nothing else.  There is no time for anything.  The Ralstons are coming to our house tonight too, but I will not have any time to see them.

It took many hours to load the van.  I had warned Dominica that she was completely misunderstanding the size of a cargo van and that we would be able to take so much more stuff than she was imagining that we would be able to take in this one trip.  We ended up actually spending over three hours packing the van!  It was seriously exhausting.  I mean really awful.  I had to load nearly every box into the van.  Dominica spent much of the time out in the van organizing the boxes.

The drive to dad’s was pretty long but the van was decent. I managed to listen to a book via Audible most of the way in the van.  I started reading, and made it through most of, “The Stolen Throne” which is the first of the Dragon Age prequel books that take place before the events of Dragon Age Origins.  The book was pretty good and gripping enough to keep me wide awake for  the entire drive.  It turns out that there are a trio of novels set before Origins.  Now I need to read the other two as well.

I had a little snow as I crossed southern New York but did not hit any real accumulation until I was on Interstate 390 at Avoca. It still was not bad but it slowed me down driving north.  I was driving in the dark from around Binghamton which was pretty depressing as I had to do the seven hundred mile round trip all today and needed to get to each place by a certain time.  I got such a late start.  This was going to be pretty rough and I was already soar.

As I neared dad’s house there was a bit of snow on the ground and driving got harder.  There were a few inches on the road by his house.

I had almost no time at dad’s.  I stopped and he and I quickly unloaded the van together.  It probably took no more than thirty minutes.  I had to get out to Frankfort well before eleven and there was no time to spare.  The moment that the van was empty I was out the door and rushing east.

I got to Frankfort with the empty van at ten thirty.  Dominica’s dad and I loaded the stove into the van and eventually figured out how to secure it.  Then I was right back onto the road to get back home with the stove.

The drive south went fine on the Thruway.  No issues there.  The roads were pretty clear.

I got home to Peekskill with the van at three in the morning and I was really exhausted.  Dominica, Art and Danielle were all still awake waiting for me.  Liesl and Luciana were sleeping in Dominica and my room on the floor with their little air mattress.  They enjoy doing that from time to time.  It is like an adventure for them.

Tomorrow is going to be pretty busy in the morning.  Art and I will need to unload the stove from the van and then return the van to the UHaul place before nine in the morning.  That will be easy other than the general lack of sleep.