November 17, 2014: Tropico 3 Day

Had a lot of phone calls today but nothing, at all, resolved about the work situation.  The stress keeps increasing and the answers are getting fewer and fewer.  It’s not a good situation at all.  In some ways it seems like we are making some progress, but overall, we are not.  We have no idea what the plan is going to be long term.  No idea at all.

I got to play quite a bit of Tropico 3 today, which I had installed last night. It is a really fun game.  Low key and pretty easy.    I played the original in 2001 as Dominica bought it for me when we were first dating.  I had liked it a lot back then.  I made it through both of the tutorials which are relatively long, but fun.  Dominica is considering playing it as well.

Dominica and I played Age of Empires II together today too.  That was fun.

I started playing Jade Empire from BioWare.  It is from the XBOX era but I have it on the PC so am able to turn up the graphical quality and while it certainly shows its age it looks far better than it did on the XBOX original and is pretty decent.  I played it for about an hour today.  Liesl and Luciana all camped out in the bedroom so that they could watch me play the game.  I really only played through the tutorial portion where there was essentially no story at all and just a chance to learn the controls and stuff.  Very basic but the game is looking like it is going to be a lot of fun.

I have high hopes for Jade Empire.  It was made by BioWare who made Balder’s Gate and Knights of the Old Republic before it and Mass Effect and Dragon Age afterwards.  So they have quite a track record both before and after the release of Jade Empire.  This game has a significant legacy to live up to.  I can’t wait to play it.  BioWare makes many of my all time favourite games.

I did some work on my XenServer cluster tonight.  I got the basics set up yesterday and today I got it working as a cluster with live VM migration between hosts which was pretty slick.

I also did some NodeBB maintenance on several sites tonight.