November 23, 2014: Luciana’s Routine

Slept in till after nine this morning.  Dominica got up at ten and got straight to playing Tropico 4 even before she got out of bed.  Luciana was up around the same time. Luciana is a creature of habit.  She is the first child awake, she comes slowly into our room and asks for chocolate milk.  She makes me take her downstairs and set her up on the couch with a show on the big screen (normally My Big Big Friend or Creative Galaxy) and she spends about an hour alone watching her show all wrapped up in a blanket.

Liesl got up closer to eleven, she had been up late last night.  Once she was awake the girls brought their chairs back into our bedroom and spent the morning doing their sliding game.  It is very rare that all four of us hang out in the bedroom for an extended period of time like this.

This morning Liesl came to me and asked if we could read “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” again because she and Luciana missed reading that.  So we are scheduled to start reading that again tonight.  But they decided to do other things tonight when the time finally rolled around so we are planning on starting on that in the near future.

We mostly relaxed today.  Very little done.  It was a nice day to just spend together.