December 30, 2015: Hobbits

Dominica was up early this morning.  The girls both got up and sneaked into our room and climbed into bed with me and snuggled for a while.  That makes for the best of mornings.

Dominica and the girls went over to the Grices’ today.  I stayed at Joe and Bittany’s house and worked all day.  It was a pretty productive day.

In the middle of the afternoon Dominica surprised me with lunch from Bullrito’s.  I have never had their food before and it was awesome.  They make huge, fresh burritos.  So good.  She also dropped off the memory card for the GoPro. So finally I am able to get started working on that.  I have no even been able to update the firmware on it without a working memory card.

I put in a lot of time trying to get the GoPro set up to work this afternoon.  So I had just about no chance to actually use it.  I got a few minutes with it in low light in the back yard before it was too dark to shoot anything.  The video came out okay.  Now to learn how to really use the GoPro.

Once Dominica came home we got the girls off to bed because it was pretty late.  Then we set up in the theatre and we finished watching the first Hobbit movie that we had started last night.  I felt like we had watched a ton of it yesterday and were near the end but, in reality, we had only watched an hour of it and had most of it to go.

We finished the first Hobbit movie and then popped in the second one and made it maybe halfway through that one before being exhausted from watching those long movies and quit for the day.  So we were off to bed.  Those movies are just so long and so slow and drawn out.  It is nearly impossible to stay awake for them.  So much slower than the Lord of the Rings.