January 22, 2015: Last Day in Manhattan

We did far better this morning.  I was up at seven thirty, showered and got ready to leave.  This time Dominica and the girls were already up and pretty much ready to go.  We got everyone loaded up into the Acadia and managed to get down to the Peekskill train station with plenty of time before the train arrived.  I even had a few minutes to sit in the warm car before heading out.

Today I remembered my headphones and my iPod and I managed to listed to about an hour of J. Maarten Troost’s “Headhunters at My Doorstep“.  Troost is one of my favourite non-fiction writers and I have read all three of his previous books.  This one is pretty new.  I was unaware that this book was heavily focused on his struggles with alcoholism after his Pacific island travels and lifestyle had come to an end after his first books had been written.

I got down to Manhattan at the same time as yesterday.  Had a fun and productive day.  Rob and I went and found a bar around five thirty and had a few beers before we went to Grand Central Terminal to catch our trains.  His going uptown and my off-peak Hudson Line back to Peekskill.  This is it, the last scheduled Metro North connection for the planned future.  The New York City portion of our lives is now over.  I got onto the train and whisked away up the Hudson to Peekskill where Dominica and the girls were waiting for me.  New York City is now behind me both literally and figuratively.

Luciana had requested that we go back to the Westchester Diner again.  She is so funny.  Out of nowhere she decides that she really wants pancakes from the diner the same that she had last night and she gets all excited about it.  So we had to go, obviously.  So we did the same thing as last night.  We only have a couple of chances to be at a NY diner while here in Peekskill left so there is no reason to skip the chance now.

After dinner we got back to the house and we were all straight off to bed.