January 24, 2015: Podcasting Day

I got up this morning, around eight thirty, and discovered that we had gotten a pretty serious snow fall during the night. Maybe as much as six inches had come down.  This is one of the few actual snow falls that we have had all winter.  It was quite unexpected.  Beautiful, though.  Not often that we get to enjoy this view from our Peekskill house.

Today we decided to do some work on our podcast which is very far behind.  That has been a struggle between everything that we have had going on and the kids just never giving us a time where they are quiet enough for us to actually work on it.  It is practically impossible to get the recordings done.  Dominica cannot do them late at night either because she gets tired and that is the primary time when the house is quiet making it extra hard.

We did manage to record three podcasts today, though, which was awesome.  Then this afternoon Dominica really wanted to go to Applebee’s so we did that around five.  She had a very old $25 gift card to use there and since there really is not an Applebee’s in Texas that we can use we needed to use it now or never really have a chance to do so.  So we did.  It was a nice change of pace and Applebee’s appears to have put in a bit of effort in fixing their menu because for the past few years it has been pretty awful.  There were a few options for us now and both Dominica and I decided that we wanted to get the cedar salmon which ended up being excellent.  We both really liked it.  The girls both picked out real food to get too, mac and cheese for Luciana and a French bread pizza for Liesl.

After dinner we stopped at Walmart in Peekskill to pick up some necessary supplies.  Dominica is really hoping that she will not need to go out and do any shopping during the time that I am in San Francisco.  I stayed in the car with the girls.

Sadly, Walmart was completely out of the chocolate milk meal substitutes that the girls use so Dominica was unable to get any.  That will be a problem as they already do not have enough for their morning meals.  Of course, in several weeks we will be facing this problem in Europe where there is absolutely not availability of these supplements so we have no idea what we are going to do then.  We will figure it out when we get there.

Once we got back to the house we talked for a bit and decided that it was necessary for me to run out and see what I could do to find the chocolate milk.  So I took a drive up to Fishkill to the Super Walmart up there and thankfully they had ten units of the chocolate milk in stock so I bought them out.  Dominica is very relived.  This is enough to hold her until several days after I return from San Francisco.  The girls will be very happy too.

Pretty soon after my return we got the girls off to bed.  I did a lot of work editing the podcasts that we made today.  I really want to get at least one posted before I leave for my flight tomorrow and would love it if I could get the others scheduled to post during the time that I am gone so that the site is not idle.  There are more eyes on it than normal, now, as we prepare for our next adventure in Europe.

While I was working tonight my office chair which I have had for maybe as much as ten years, although probably more like eight, finally gave out on me.  The metal plate on the bottom of it actually sheared and the chair is now scrap.  I thought that the timing was especially poignant given that I was wrapping up the final posts on my last night here in Peekskill and the last night before I go to San Francisco to begin the next major chapter in my adventures.  Dominica is hopeful that the house will be packed and that we will be moving out of it immediately upon my return from California, which would be very nice indeed.  So it is possible that tonight was actually the final night that I will actually have use of the chair so that it completely fell apart tonight is perfect.  Now, instead of being moved in the truck and possibly stored indefinitely it will simply be scraped and we do not have to worry about it at all.

My flight tomorrow is just before two o’clock out of White Plains, for the third time in two months, making things very easy for Dominica and the girls.  An easy drive and an easy time for the flight.  I am connecting through Philadelphia which is on the way rather than way off in some odd direction and my layover is short so that should be very nice.

Dominica bought be a new suitcase for this trip while she was at Walmart and she got me almost completely packed tonight and for what is not packed she got the laundry running so that we can pack everything up in the morning.  I am not traveling with my laptop, this time, which is a scary thing for me.  I am counting on having my new laptop to work from on Monday evening.  I do not have room in my luggage to take my current laptop with me.

Before calling it a night I managed to complete the first podcast that we did today.  It was the long forty minute one on Luzern.  I also managed to finish up the SGL post for today (that you are reading now) so that I would not have to worry about that tomorrow morning.  I am doing my writing from a step stool which is the closest thing to a chair that we have left in this house now that my old office chair is dead.