February 7, 2015: Back to My Girls

It is always hard figuring out how to write the daily update when I am awake all night long.  My day started just after they had figured out that we could fly last night so we were just taking off from San Francisco airport (SFO) as it became today.

I had been watching the Argentinian film Corazon de Léon which is a bit of a crazy romantic comedy made all the weirder because it is a movie (pelicula, one of my few solid Spanish words) about a midget except instead of getting an actual midget to play the role they took an actor of average height (about one inch shorter than me) and filmed him separately from the other actors putting him on oversized furniture and whatnot.  The effect kind of works and kind of is just that odd uncanniness that makes you always uncomfortable.  His size relative to other people is not uniform, sometimes he is nearly the size of a normal person and sometimes he is ridiculously tiny.  And you can tell often that there are green screens, failed forced perspective or split screens with obvious lines right down the center of the movie.  Overall the movie was pretty good, cute and entertaining but definitely odd.  No doubt about that.  I liked that it was a South American film, always nice to see a movie set in an interesting and different locale.

We were in the air and had a very rough first half of the flight.  We were thrown all over the place for much of the flight.  It was possibly the roughest flight that I have ever had, at least in a large aircraft.  It was really something.

I wanted to try napping but just was not tired, especially with the crazy turbulence.  So I watched The Bourne Identity which I have not seen in quite a while.  Delta has a great selection of free movies on the flight.

There was time at the end of my flight so I watched a Brazilian film in Portuguese called Os Homens São de Marte… E é pra Lá que Eu Vou!  It was pretty good although I was starting to fall asleep for a bit of it so did not catch it all and did not see the very ending.

The plane got into Atlanta a few hours late, but I still had an hour to make it to the next leg of my trip.  So not a bad layover really.  I had no issue getting onto the next plane, the little plane going to White Plains.

I did not get so lucky as to have a row to myself on the second leg but I did have  the aisle which was nice as there was not enough head room against the window.  On this leg I just listened to my book on my iPod as there was nothing to watch.  This was only an hour and a half, not bad at all.

Once I got to White Plains I went inside and my girls were in the airport waiting for me!  I was so glad to see them.  They surprised me as I came around the corner at baggage claim.  I am so happy to be back home.

We had to wait for my luggage, but only for a minute or two.  It was the third one out on the carousel.

We drove back to Peekskill and went right to the downtown diner that Dominica has been wanting me to try out.  This is the same diner that we started using just recently but apparently it has since changed hands and is still a diner but is now a Guatemalan place.  Dominica and her parents had figured that out just recently.

The food was good but I was so tired.  We ate and then went back to the house.  Then it was right to bed for me.  I was so tired.  Completely exhausted.

It was probably two, maybe three at the latest, when I got into bed.  Liesl was already in bed waiting to snuggle.  I was asleep in no time.  Soon Luciana came up and climbed into bed with us too.

The three of us ended up sleeping for many hours.  It was dark, maybe as late as seven, when I got up.  Dominica had been packing more while we were napping.

Dominica and I spent the evening packing as much as we could until around eleven when we just had to call it a night in order to get some sleep so that we will be functional tomorrow.