April 1, 2015: Back to School for Liesl

Luciana was the first one up today.  She came down the spiral staircase into the “cave” of basement and said “I snuggle you?” and climbed into bed to snuggle me for a while.  Eventually she got up and told me she wanted me to go upstairs with her so that we could hang out while she played on the iPad.  She’s so cute.  Liesl slept in hours longer than Luciana did.  Luciana was up around nine thirty.  Liesl was definitely not up until after eleven.  They both had gone to bed on the early side last night since they were in their own room where the iPads don’t get a WiFi signal.

Last night, before going to bed, I discovered ants in the kitchen.  A lot of ants.  Turns out that it was our recycling bag that was hanging near the kitchen table.  What a mess.  I cleaned that up, got rid of all of the ants that were there and went to bed. That explains the ant that Liesl found in the guest bedroom yesterday.  Thankfully these are tiny, black sugar ants.  They don’t sting or do anything.  They are just looking for sugar and don’t hurt anything.

When we got up to the kitchen this morning I told Dominica about the ants and then we found another spot where ants had come in.  This one was really weird.  One of the power receptacles in the kitchen had ants streaming out of it going for some treacle sitting on the lip of a can of golden syrup on the counter.  What a mess.  We spent all morning getting the kitchen cleaned so that there was nothing for the ants to go after.  That was a major project.  We pretty much got them to back off, though.  Dominica did a lot of work.

We have nothing planned for today, it is a down day.  So I was on the terrace nearly all day.  Liesl had homeschool for the first time since getting to Spain.  Time to get her into the groove again.  That was a bit tough as Liesl really did not want to do school.  It was a bit of a fight but eventually Liesl calmed down and did really well today.

It was a very slow day, but very nice.  The family spent part of the afternoon up on the terraza with me.  And they spent a lot of the evening camped out together in the guest bedroom each of them with their own iPad.  They are three peas in a pod those girls.

I had tuna pizza for the first time today – just something frozen that I picked up at the market a few days ago.  It was actually quite good; I liked it a lot.

One of our neighbours from down the hill and a friend of the owners of the house in which we are living stopped by to say hello and to offer assistance if there is anything that we needed while we are here.  They are British ex-pats and live here full time and can introduce us around town.  So I spent about half an hour talking to Mike and learned a little about town.