April 20, 2015: From Cádiz to Cáñar

We were all pretty tired this morning.  We had to be up and moving around nine thirty because we had to be checked out of the apartment at eleven.  “Checked out” might be the wrong term.  It just means leaving the keys by the door and heading out locking the place up behind ourselves.

It took a bit to get everything packed up and everyone ready to go.  We were kind of tired even before getting onto the road.

I would guess that it was eleven thirty and we were underway.  The drive out of town was not bad, especially as the hardest part of town I knew my way around by this point.  As we left town we got to see a new, very large bridge being constructed.  Very neat.

For the first portion of the drive we are covering new highway territory.  We drove out of Cádiz and went immediately east which gave us about two hours of driving over new ground and seeing a new area, which was nice.  We keep criss-crossing the country and getting a better and better feel for it.  We are going to know Spain very well by the time that we are done with this year.

We have no stops today, just driving right back to our village.  Once we were to San Roque, the village just above the peninsula on which Gibraltar stands, we were back on the highway through the Costa del Sol which we had taken two days ago and covering ground that we already know.  So the trip got a lot less interesting both because it was repeat driving and because we were back in the overly developed, Florida-looking stretches.

It was evening when we got back to Cáñar.  The drive was fine and uneventful.  The girls got a lot of rest in the car.  We were home in time for me to work today.  Everyone was quite tired after our busy weekend and ready for a rest – which is going to be short lived this week and we are only home for tomorrow before traveling again!