May 10, 2015: Preparing for London

Today is Sunday.  Tomorrow morning I have to leave for London to attend (and speak at) SpiceWorld London 2015.  So today needs to be a catch up on rest and get everything packed sort of day.  No big plans today.

We all slept in and then went to lunch at the meson in town.  It was a bright and warm day here in the village.  We enjoyed a nice, relaxing lunch in the afternoon.  The girls decided to go down and play in the playground while we ate which is handy because we can sit on the balcony and be right next to them while they get some exercise.

The girls wore themselves out pretty quickly and ended up coming up to eat with us.

While we were at the meson there were actually some tourists who came to get a drink there.  They turned out to be Belgians who were driving through the region for the day.  So we chatted with them for a little bit.

This evening was very slow.  Watched some of The Love Boat with Dominica and got to bed quite early.  I have a long week coming up.