May 2, 2015: Cleaning Weekend

Two days until Ryan arrives here in Cáñar so we are cleaning, primarily, this weekend.  Lots of cleaning today, although it was tough as the weather is starting to get warm.  This is the warmest that it has been since we first got to Spain.  Which is not really all that bad since our first month here was a bit colder than we were really thinking that it was going to be.  Now things are getting to be a bit more like we thought that Spain would be like.

The cleaning went mostly well.  There is still a lot to be done.  And some things, like the laundry, cannot be rushed as we are limited by the clothes lines and how much we can dry at once.  To make that even more challenging the lines are old and rotted out and break regularly.  Dominica broke the one line several times today and now, instead of running between poles, we have one end tied off to a stack of chairs because that is the only thing that can hold any weight but can be moved to where the now shortened line can reach.

Overall a relaxing day.  We went nowhere and did nothing but cleaning and then watching some Love Boat this evening.

Tomorrow we are going to go grocery shopping down in Órgiva so that we are stocked up for all of the visitors.