May 20, 2015: Exhausted and Stressed

It was so late when we finally got to sleep last night that it was actually afternoon when I got up today.  Luciana sneaked into our room and got into bed at nine thirty this morning but Liesl was fast asleep.  I slept until about one thirty which I really needed as I am fighting bronchitis and do not feel all that good.   I sound pretty horrible.  Although getting a long night of sleep tonight seems to have helped a lot.

I felt slightly better this morning when I woke up than I felt all day yesterday.  And it seemed to improve throughout the day.  I have been drinking hot tea all day long and that makes a difference.

Today is cold and rainy up here in Cáñar.  Right after I got up we had some really heavy rain but most of the day we were just getting a light sprinkle while we were in the clouds.  Very low visibility today.  So foggy that we could only see a few houses up the street!  Even just looking across the plaza visibility dropped quite a bit.

Dominica and I both played a bit more Tropico 4 today.  She has now passed me in the set of twenty challenges that are set up in the game.  We are both about halfway through the list but she is now one ahead.  Everyone completely has the theme music stuck in their heads all of the time.

Dominica is starting to feel under the weather too.  So we had a down day today.  Some games and work.

After work was done, Shawn, Rachel and I went to the Meson for some quick drinks.  We closed them down.  The few people that were in the place were all watching “El Voz” which is the Spanish version of “The Voice.”  That was particularly entertaining.  There was really no one there that we knew so it was really just the three of us hanging out for a little bit.