May 7, 2015: Malaga Day

Was up at ten minutes until eight this morning, way too early.  Only two or maybe two and a half hours of sleep.  That was a bit rough.

Ryan was up just after me.  It took us until about a quarter till nine before we were able to get the Corsa loaded up and got on the road.  Since the morning light was good, we would have a lot of picture taking opportunities on the drive.  We checked the view from town and it was so clear this morning, while standing on the edge of the village parking lot, that we could see the waves rolling in on the Mediterranean down at Salobreña.

We probably pulled over to take pictures ten times or more between Cáñar and the highway.  We went the Órgiva route, taking the A346 along the north side of the southern ridge.  We got a lot of good pictures that I am not normally able to get when I have Dominica and the girls in the car with me.

We made good time, other than the photo opportunity stops, getting down to Salobreña.  It was about seventy five degrees this morning, very nice for getting to the beach.  We parked easily, there was almost no one there, and found a little place out on the beach that was serving breakfast.  We ordered coffee and found a table our on the sand.  There were probably four other tables out there enjoying the morning too.  Most with beer or wine, not with coffee.

While we were there I got to talking with the table next to us.  They are locals like we are and live up at the head of our valley.  Not technically inside La Alpujarra like we are but just outside of it.  They retired here from Britain.  They told us about the Friday market that happens in Lanjarón from eleven until three.  I am hoping to make it there tomorrow to check it out.

While I was having coffee, Ryan went and took a dip in the Mediterranean quickly.  It was a very quick dip, but at least now he can say that he has been to the beach on the Costa del Sol in Spain and swam in the Mediterranean Sea.  Big bucket item lists for any traveler.

We did not stay on the beach long, even though it was very nice.  There were only maybe half a dozen people actually “on” the beach and the rest of us were just eating.  Nice time of day to check it out.  But we needed to get to the airport so were back in the car and driving pretty quickly after our coffee was done.

Very bright, but not overly hot day.  Perfect day for seeing the southern Spanish coast.

We had a nice drive and got to the air port only half an hour after Shawn and Rachel had landed, gotten their bags and gotten outside to wait for us.  So the timing was just about perfect.  Ryan had plenty of time to get through security and make his flight but did not have a long wait in the airport.  Ryan waited just long enough to say hello before heading into the airport.

Rachel and Shawn were pretty tired, only getting about two hours of sleep like me, but pretty excited to be in Spain.  This is the first time that they have seen the sun or been warm at all in two months!

We were all pretty drowsy on the long drive east.  We got into Órgiva right as shops were opening up for lunch and none of us had managed to have any food all day so we stopped on restaurant row and checked out the options.  We decided on Paradise Pizza which we had hoped to eat at two nights ago.   I parked in the city’s big private parking lot in the middle of town and the guy working there immediately knew me and knew that I was from Cáñar.  I think that he was up drinking with me the other night.

We sat outside for a full half of an hour before the waiter even came over to us, or even knew we were there, I think.  He was not paying much attention.  There were people getting food, but very slowly.

We ordered three glasses of wine (not each, for all of us) and sipped that while deciding on food.  We ended up getting a tuna pizza for me and they split a meat pizza of some sort and a roast chicken.  The food and wine was all good and the bright sun and light breeze were perfect for sitting out under the umbrellas and enjoying the Spanish warmth.  Rachel took the chance to photograph the orange trees at the church.

We used the opportunity to stock up on cash at the telebanco and loaded back into the car and ascended the hill.  It was probably after four when we got to the top of the mountain and they got to see Cáñar.

This is the first that I have seen Rachel in nearly two years!  It was September, 2013 the last time that we had a chance to hang out because that is when I moved back up to New York!  Really hard to believe that it has been so long.

We all hung out on the terrace.  I worked in the kitchen for a little bit and then went up to the terrace with everyone and hung out up there. Had a good, productive day at work today.  Feel pretty good about that.

Dominica made dinner tonight, pasta primavera.  We all sat on the lower terrace to eat.  It was very good and nice to get to just stay in and relax.

I worked until about midnight.  Then Rachel, Shawn and I ran over to the Meson Rural Los Angeles and we had some beer before calling it a night.  Rachel was really impressed by how good the beer was.  I am so glad that we have discovered Alhambra beer!