June 15, 2015: Back to Frankfort

Was still at dad’s this morning.  Got up and we did breakfast before I took the Chevy Spark and drove back to Frankfort before it was time to start working for the day.

Back in the kitchen working.  It really hurts my back to do this and it is so hard to concentrate while out in the middle of all of the commotion.  Going to have to come up with an alternative strategy for this.

I set up the Amazon Echo today and the whole family is enthralled with it.  The kids are all already addicted to it.  They love asking it for silly jokes and having it play music for them.  It is the first for most of the kids to be able to command a device to play the music that they are interested in and they think that it is great fun.  I am never going to get this thing back, I can tell.