June 20, 2015: Swimming in the Backyard

This is my last weekend day in Frankfort.  We are heading out to my dad’s tomorrow afternoon and then the weekend after that we go down to Waverly for the Fourth of July and from there I will be leaving, with Liesl, to drive down to Texas.  We have been so busy since being back in the US, we are just constantly moving from one place to another over and over again.  We get practically no time to stop and relax and take stock of where we are.

Today Dominica’s dad set up the inflatable pool in the back yard and the kids went nuts playing out there all day in the pool, with squirt guns, with their bikes and just running around.  Somehow they have just unlimited energy to burn off.  They played in the pool for a really big portion of the day and had a ball.

I worked most of the day but did get some downtime and was able to relax to some degree.

This evening, after dinner, no one felt like going out for ice cream except for Emily and I so the two of us went to Utica to get Nicky-Doodles on our own.