June 4, 2015: Happy Birthday Dad

Last night we called my dad at midnight in Oslo so that the girls could wish grandpa (or “daddy’s dad” as they normally call him) to wish him a happy birthday before anyone else.  It took a minute for him to realize that it was already his birthday our time in Norway.  It was cute, though.  The girls were excited to get to Facetime him on the iPads.

We were hoping that we were going to be ambitious today and ready to tackle more of Oslo but by the time that we got up and thought about it we decided that we just wanted another day to relax.  The girls are having a great time just playing in the large apartment and I was happy to just go to the grocery store across the street to get us food to eat at home.

We found out today that fish cakes are a huge hit with Luciana.  She absolutely loved them.  She ate most of a package!  An expensive but very healthy treat and one that is very different from other things that she normally eats so we were really happy to have found that.

I got in some time playing Tropico 4 today and much of this week.

I had work today which is why we did not really have time to do anything.  Today is Thursday.  This evening the girls Facetimed grandpa again (on his “real” birthday) and Dominica and I watched a little more of The Love Boat.  We are enjoying just taking it easy in our little apartment in Norway.

Tomorrow we are going to force ourselves to get up and to go out and take the girls to explore a little bit and see a museum.