August 10, 2015: Grocery Shopping in Anton

I was up before seven this morning.  We had a bit to do and had to get out to Anton, one village west of Rio Hato, this morning on the early side.  The girls slept in so we had a hard time traveling until ten, which made for a bit of a rushed morning.

We are pretty happy to have discovered Anton yesterday as it is only about ten minutes away to the west (I could really walk there in a serious pinch) and very easy to deal with getting to and from.  We actually spent over an hour shopping but we got a lot of stuff and the prices were lower than out east in Coronado.  The selection was not nearly as good but they had what we needed – most important pullups for Ciana who ran out of her existing supply this morning!  That was right on the verge of emergency.  It is a really good thing that this happened while we had a car available to us!

We got back to the condo just in time for us to carry up all of the groceries and for me to jump onto my morning conference call.

In the middle of the afternoon I took the rental car back to National. That was nice and easy.  They know me there now by name.  It is getting easier and easier to deal with things here.  The car came to a total of $160 for three days, which includes everything even the $15 of Panapass usage in Panama City over the weekend.  That system is great.

We are now “trapped” in Playa Blanca again.  We don’t know when we will be renting another car.  Probably this weekend, but we have not figured that out yet.

This afternoon was slow and mostly relaxing.  Just working all day.  Back to a normal work schedule with nothing special going on here.

Everyone went to bed early tonight.  We were all pretty tired today.