August 14, 2015: Beginning a Quiet Weekend

It’s Friday leading into a quiet weekend here in Rio Hato.  This morning Dominica made a Panamanian breakfast for us.  Scrambled eggs and peppers with Panamanian tortillas which are thick corn cakes, very different from tortillas in other regions.  More like polenta cakes.  Dominica has been frying up tomatoes now regularly too, something that she learned from Rachel while we were in Spain.  Rachel fried tomatoes for breakfast every day while we were there.

This weekend we are staying here in Rio Hato.  No leaving the area for us.  Last weekend we did some driving and in a week we are going to Panama City but this is our lazy weekend at home, time to relax and try to get to know where we are a little bit.  We kicked around the idea of using the all inclusive resort features one of the days.  We will see if we decide to do that or not.

It was hot today so I stayed in the kitchen working most of the day.  I try to move around depending on the weather, heat and how I am feeling.  There is no great place to work.  That is my biggest challenge with all of the moving, finding a place where I can really work comfortably.